Some of you may ask “What does telederm mean?”

Telemedicine, in general, is the use of various forms of modern communication technologies to communicate with patients remotely when patients and physicians or providers aren’t able to have an in-person visit. This can be done with audio, visual or data forms of communication.
With TeleDermatology services in this uncertain time, we are able to keep our patients and their families, our providers, and our staff SAFE, while still caring for our patients. Our hope is to not only continue to address your ongoing medical concerns, but to keep urgent and emergent dermatological issues out of the Emergency rooms and Urgent care offices.

There are several ways for patients to perform their teledermatology visits, from a simple telephone call with clinical staff and the physician or provider, to videoconference via varying forms of live-interactive video communication platforms. Patients with their physicians/providers are able to decide which platform is best for your particular need (and technological skill level). Conditions being addressed include acne, eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, “rashes”, concerning skin lesions, seborrheic dermatitis, and more. As you can imagine, telederm does have its limitations due to the field of dermatology being so visual in nature, but we will make every effort to accommodate our patients’ needs. A physician or provider will be in the office daily for things that MUST be seen in office.

Currently, many insurance companies are covering telemedicine services as if you were in office with your provider and we are pleased that many are working to implement such services. Check with your individual insurance provider to see if they are offering telemedicine. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our office as well, as we are keeping watch on these ever changing issues.

If you would like to make a telederm appointment you can call the office at 205-580-1500 or use the Klara app by texting 205-490-2785.


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