Are your bathroom shelves and drawers filled with products? Do you ever pick one up and wonder, “Is this still good?”. Keep reading to find out if you should use that cream that has been hiding in your drawer or if it is time to toss it. Sunscreen – The FDA requires that all sunscreens remain at their original strength for 3 years. This date is typically found on the box or bottle of sunscreen. Sunscreen does lose its effectiveness over time so toss it if it has expired to avoid getting a sunburn. Skincare products – Typically unopened products will be good for up to three years if not labeled otherwise. Once opened products may only be good for a year. The danger does not lie in the cream expiring, but that it becomes less effective as it ages. Creams may also cause irritation or bacterial infections if they are open too long. If you notice changes in your product’s smell or texture before the one-year mark – toss it. Some products will have a jar with a number in it on their packaging. That number represents the number of months after the product is opened that it is good to use. A little trick to make sure you don’t use products past their prime is to write the date you open the product on the bottle.

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